Starting in early April, my WordPress (WP) blog will no longer have premium status. This means that my blog will still be up and running, but the URL will revert to a “…” address.

Also, I am taking advantage of other blogging platforms, and I just started an account at if you care to join me there! My 8 most recent articles are posted, and I will be writing new material soon.

Why? you might be asking. I am just not happy with the overall usability on WP and especially with the comments. I have been commenting on Substack for several months now and find it very easy to use and it’s not littered with a bunch of spammy comments.

Will I be creating new posts here on WP? Probably not. I’m not bashing WP at all; I’m glad I was able to get started with blogging here! But the hoops of internet technology are quickly becoming a huge waste of my precious time, so it’s better to simplify what I can.

I hope you will check out my site.

Best wishes,


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