(Author’s Note: As I evolve in my careful use of language, I currently prefer saying “living men and living women” rather than “humans” or “people.” I consider each of us to be a unique, living, breathing spark of the Divine, whereas as “humans” and “people” are generally referred to as forming a society/culture or the world: A homogeneous whole. Furthermore, the word “person” conjures for me an entity that may or may not be Divine, inasmuch as corporations have been granted “personhood” in the legal system. That is downright frightening, and I certainly do not wish to equate my fellow living men and living women with dead, soulless entities! So along that line,”living men and living women” better defines us as sole original beings with the breath of life who participate in culture on our own terms. But there is a larger purpose for our “living” status outside culture and homogeneity, which I have discussed at length in my articles “On Individuating, Healing, and Becoming a Whole, Healthy Human” and “Defying the Tyrannical Father Figure,” and which I also address herein. This raison d’être becomes ever more clear as we individuate and mature, being IN the world but not OF it. In fact, I would say that our conscientious participation in society becomes more about achieving autonomy, mastery, and purpose through our authentic living. All that said, however, for sake of linguistic simplicity in this article, I will mostly use “humans,” “people,” and “person,” while meaning “living men and living women.” I hope this makes sense and also helps you to envision your life and the lives of others in a completely different — and much healthier — way.)


Toward the end of 2021 and until recently, I started noticing the word “betrayal” showing up in different places: On blogs I read (including in the comments); in videos I watched; in conversations; and in other readings/viewings. Since I no longer believe — and perhaps never did believe — in “coincidences” as we have been taught to comprehend this notion, I see the gathering of this word in my life over a few weeks as synchronistic.

Carl Jung, a prominent psychologist in the early to mid-1900s, coined the term synchronicity during a truly fascinating psychotherapy session with one of this clients.
You can read all about it in his book, Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle. (I have read this book several times and it is a treasure trove!) Jung explained the concept as “the acausal connection of two or more psychic and physical phenomena.” He based his concept of synchronicity partly on the unconscious workings of archetypes, which can be thought of as a repertoire of ideas and experiences common to all people throughout time. “The archetypal concept,” according to Jung, “derives from the often repeated observation that myths and universal literature stories contain well-defined themes which appear every time and everywhere. We often meet these themes in the fantasies, dreams, delirious ideas, and illusions of persons living nowadays.”

In following along Jung’s lines of understanding human psychology, the concept of betrayal, while not an archetype in and of itself, is a still a universal motif. Simply said, most people know what it is like to betray or to be betrayed: In this article, I go beyond Jung to explore why that it so.


Despite possible objections by individual people or by followers of modern psychology and psychiatry, I see betrayal as always a conscious decision by the double-crosser: One knows that they are reneging on a contract, or breaking a promise, or simply going against their own better judgment. Therefore, I claim that betrayal is an intentional psychological manipulation tactic. Let us start with a small, seemingly harmless example: Santa Claus.

From the moment a child is born into a family that celebrates modern Christmas, he or she will experience Santa Claus. They will be told that Santa comes every year to deliver toys, candy, and other gifts to children who are “good.” The infant will be dressed in elf-themed onesies, paraded around in a stroller decorated with lights and ornaments, and if deemed old enough by the parents, will be seated on “Santa’s” lap in the mall for photo opps, which then get posted on social media. On Christmas, the baby will be presented with gifts labeled “From Santa Claus” in hopes to make baby goo-goo and ga-ga so the parents, siblings, other relatives, and friends will get excited. The baby may instead cry, but everyone will laugh and say that the baby just doesn’t understand yet.

Either way, Santa Claus does not exist, and the baby has just been punked. Duped. Lied to. Ripped off. Fucked with. Betrayed. This betrayal will continue every year, even beyond past the child’s horrifying realization that Santa is a lie, and that they believed the lie. (Why do people find abject joy in re-creating their own betrayal on an innocent child? The answer is coming.)

Worse, when the child grows up, having children of their own or perhaps only young nieces and nephews, they will perpetrate the lie on these little ones who will eventually also come to the sad, depressing realization that it’s all a fake-out. As Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant sings, “And the wheel goes on.”

But it’s not just Santa Claus that feeds the betrayal beast. It’s the Easter Bunny. It’s the Tooth Fairy. And this only the beginning of the trauma. Consider how parents use the lie to manipulate their children:

“If you don’t stop crying right now, Santa won’t bring you any presents this year.”

“If you don’t stop hitting your sister, the Easter Bunny won’t put any candy in your Easter basket.”

“If you don’t stop talking and go to bed, the Tooth Fairy won’t leave you any money for your tooth.”

The child begins to equate “good” behavior with getting something in return, rather than being good for the intrinsic, truly advantageous reward. Furthermore, parents often impose arbitrary, conflicting definitions of “good,” setting the stage for the kind of mental manipulation we think only happens in secret government experiments or to prisoners of war: This is trauma-based mind control. If done consistently over enough time, the child will dissociate from his or her basic self, which in infants and very young children is all about trusting their parents, siblings, close family members, neighbors, church leaders, and teachers. Even though the child’s mind is broken, he or she will create a different kind of perverted “trust” bond, clinging unconsciously to these unhealthy relationships and the shifting “safety and security” they offer. These traumatized children will reach out for experience with their little bodies, voices, and all senses — as is the way we learn and grow — only to receive inconsistent feedback ranging from genuine care to neglect, love-bombing, and even outright violence. They will internally normalize this, unconsciously expecting and even going to great lengths to create familiar situations to elicit such extreme behavior from everyone and everything they encounter, while consciously craving real love and authentic experiences.

Perhaps at some point in time, the child will question this reality. They may come to falsely see themselves as responsible for provoking these responses, taking on guilt and shame, which are two of the worst emotions to harbor, only above abject fear, which of course they will also experience. They just may not consciously know that.

The flip side of betrayal is being the victim of betrayal, like the child discussed. Just as the betrayer knows what they are doing, the betrayed know that they are being lied to, or gaslighted, or somehow manipulated psychologically, emotionally, physically. We each have this beautiful gift called intuition, or inner knowing, that alerts us to the truth of any given situation as we develop the gift. But because our intuition has been denigrated over time through trauma-based mind control, our ability to hear it is degraded, or we consciously ignore it when we do hear it. So the child still registers the betrayal in the mental field (and in the cellular memory if it involves physical pain), but often forms an overcompensating mechanism out of sheer necessity for shelter, clothing, love, and so on. In other words, the child “plays along” with the betrayal “game” for some kind of positive reward, either intrinsic or external.

And here’s the thing: I’m talking about these children as only the second generation. Now forget that this is just about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, and imagine that betrayal from birth has been going on for hundreds of generations in almost all societies, and you can try to grasp the magnitude of the sheer amount of trauma that we are actually dealing with, individually and collectively. Indeed, the wheel goes on.


So let’s extrapolate this in detail, starting with a big question. How many people do you think grew up, just in your lifetime, living in a world of constant betrayal? Here are just a few examples of day-to-day betrayal:

Parental capriciousness; ever-changing social rules; economic fluctuations; random cycles of peace and war; educational policies crushing both student and teacher while lauding their achievements; political posturing leading to societal divisiveness; media propagating baseless fears and fake news while assailing genuine truth-seekers in “disinformation campaigns”; medical fraud; governmental intrusiveness; the rewriting of history; and rapid changes in technology that render the “now” already obsolete

If you answered “just about everyone experiences betrayal,” you’re right. Very few people in westernized “modern” world grow up without betrayal. While we’ve all been taught to think of betrayal as “harmless fun” or passing it off as “ignorance,” the result of living with this horrible mistreatment is the decay of both the individual and of society.

Med-Tech Cartel Madness
I already discussed how the minds of children are broken practically from birth within the family. Now consider the fact that, while we call our babies the most precious gift, we allow doctors to slap them to make them cry (“just to make sure they’re alive”); to cut off the foreskin of their penis or remove their clitoris; to put antibiotic ointments directly into their eyes; and to begin polluting their bodies with inoculations almost immediately. Children in the US, for example, receive between 60 and 72 inoculations that contain outright poisonous and other highly objectionable ingredients . . . by the time they are 12 years old. We allow medical “professionals” to separate some babies from their mothers for extended periods. And since 2020, many fathers have been unable to be present at the birth of their children due to cruel, senseless, and arbitrary rules foisted on us as “public health” measures. We should be outraged at these abuses.

Those atrocities are a result of betrayal, beating us down internally over decades, through every faction of society, instilling guilt, shame, and fear in us. We don’t speak up, terrified of retribution. This demoralization of humanity is not random: It is part of a larger plan that has been going on for millennia. Every generation pretends that “this is normal,” offloading pain and suffering on each other and then on their children, who do the same to their children. The result is a degradation of the human spirit, of our free will, of our will to thrive.

Fake Food, Fake Medicine
We tell ourselves the lie that we don’t have time to cook because we have to work. So we sacrifice the built-in health of meal-planning, growing and harvesting from our garden, shopping for what we cannot grown, and then preparing, cooking, and eating together. When we physically fall ill from lack of proper nutrition, we then betray our bodies even further, outsourcing our well-being to pill-pushers, only to realize too late that the pills are poisons, the treatments are cell-damaging, and the diagnostic machines themselves are invasive and traumatizing, often sending radiation directly into our delicate tissues. All the time we spend alone in front of the tv/phone, in doctor offices, in hospitals, and in bed with various ailments could be spent gardening and cooking at home with friends and family. There is no refund on time.

Extortion is Not Love
In all aspects of life, we have succumbed to a transaction-based love economy, and then we teach it to our children through role modeling and punitive systems, turning them into compliance-seeking automatons who will “stop crying” to get the reward. Public schools, which are little more than government indoctrination camps, began long ago using an extortionist “credit-based” system in which students must “earn enough” to graduate. Now many schools even have “credit recovery programs” for students who were absent due to illness, travel, or other reasons. We think nothing of the fact that we are training them to become silent workers who start with deficits and must obtain credits to survive. And then we send them out, beaten down and wholly unprepared, into a world trip-wired for failure: Nepotism, favoritism, casting couches, narcissistic bosses, and back-room deals. This way of existing is hardly about living: It is decidedly anti-life. I call it the death-cult, and it has purposefully set the stage for betrayal.

Poisoned Planet
Because of these systems and practices we engage in, we also ignore the devastation of our collective home: Earth. Industrial chemical pollution is just one of the well-documented death-cult practices still occurring despite knowledge of the myriad harms to the living system we know as the soil. Then we move to the air: Our addiction to the speed and convenience of cell phones and other wireless devices blankets the airwaves with extremely harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Back in 1970, the true scientist Jacques Cousteau wrote about the depredation of our oceans and their inhabitants by anthropogenic pollution, most of which runs off the earth — from soil, lakes, rivers, and streams — and ultimately flows into the oceans. Researcher Arthur Firstenberg recently wrote:

To this mix is now being added the Internet of Underwater Things, which is beginning to flood the oceans with sound in order to connect them to the Internet. And this sound will be pulse-modulated with the same harmful frequencies as radio waves in order to carry the same data. And to communicate over large distances, some of the underwater acoustic modems that are being marketed are capable of producing sound as loud as 202 decibels. That is equivalent to 139 decibels in air. It is as loud as a jet engine at a distance of 100 feet, and is above the threshold for pain in humans. These modems blast modulated sound at frequencies ranging from 7 kHz to 170 kHz, encompassing almost the entire hearing range of dolphins, which use sound for hunting and navigating.

There is no place on Earth where the death-cult black magicians have not invaded with their inverted, perverted technology of poisons that they have backed with lies to cover up the truth. Take for example this heart-wrenching article by world-class journalist Jon Rappoport in which he lays out the fake-virus Ebola story in Africa:

While it is painful to realize that we have been lied to — and we believed the lie — we must face this fact or we become infantilized, unwilling to stop the madness.

The New (c)Age
And so, instead of confronting the atrocities in one’s own mind or in their family, most people latch on to the many popular writers and vloggers who profess spiritual prowess while proposing full-on escapism as the answer: Get out of Africa, or California, or New York, or Canada, and move to Central America, or Peru, or Sweden! Move to the country and grow all your own food! They encourage practicing daily 3-hour meditations, juice fasts, and Ayahuasca festivals, as if these are authentic ways to destroy evil. Trying to escape — physically or mentally — is just another expression of spiritual bypassing. The only way to win is to be a warrior: To stand up, step out, speak out, and act. We must take right action based on our Creator-given rights, simultaneously pulling down the flimsy Wizards’ veil. And it starts inside each of us.

Black Box Programming
Speaking of escapism, we turn on the big and small black boxes to watch Hollywood films, Netflix series, and HBO star-studded concerts for several hours each week, forgetting that we have as much if not far more creativity than any studio writer, actor, or musician making millions of dollars off of our attention. Ever notice how every movie is a re-make of another movie, book, or historical event, and they keep rotating, like clothing styles? Ever notice how all the sit-coms really say the same thing? That men are either stupid, lazy wimps or crass assholes; that women are either spiritually vapid wage earning bitches or whiny princesses; and that children manipulate the parents into the most ridiculous decisions? Ever notice how music keeps devolving into super-star artists with the same basic look, moves, and five-note melodies with few actual musicians on stage? Ever notice how their music performances, photographs, and videos are essentially pornography mixed with Satanism and Luciferianism? That’s because black-magician-backed industry execs tell them all what to do, and they do it as a means to an end: More money, prestige, and power. Notice a theme here?

Here’s the truth: WE are the creative ones. But let’s face it, folks: We’ve been betrayed since birth. (And I won’t even get into the problem with “birth certificates.”) It goes back innumerable generations. It goes on in every facet of this so-called “reality,” which, when we peel back layers, amounts to the workings of a few people who successfully played us by preying on our weakness: Our willingness to hand over control of our lives to them. In less than a century, we have gone from “food as thy medicine” to [fake] “food” putting us into cardiac arrest at astronomical rates; from reading books and discussing philosophy to scrolling through social media and trolling in 140-character hate-filled tirades followed by photos of our fancy lunch; from using our imagination for creating things of beauty and function to buying everything online or in big-box stores that was made by slave labor in other countries that we denigrate because “we’re number one.” This is how deep the betrayal goes, and we’re being fed more ways to bring it on, every day, in every conceivable way.


Right now, as I write this article, another highly specific global betrayal has been going on since late 2019, targeting humanity in the worst way: By using our good nature against us. How is it accomplished? First, the psychopaths trying to run the world figured out that if they persuade each of us to take responsibility for everyone else’s health, we will abdicate the very freedoms that make us Divine beings out of deep care for our fellow humans. And their scheme is working. People around the world are wearing face masks, mistakenly thinking they are protecting other people from getting sick with a disease they themselves don’t even have. In fact, this disease is nothing more than a re-branded cold or flu, which actually occurs because a person doesn’t take care of their own health (ever notice how most people get “the flu” between Halloween and the first of the new year, after bingeing on sugar, white flour, salt, and alcohol?). But that doesn’t “matter” because government leaders, “public” “health” officials, med-tech professionals, and the media are pushing the notion of this fake disease so hard and fast, so often, that people are succumbing again to mass betrayal on the grandest level. Even if the virus was real, there has been no excess mortality based on previous decades (until the roll-out of mRNA “gene therapy” inoculations.)

Most people have been persuaded to close their businesses; to stay home and refrain from getting sunshine and exercise; to detach themselves from family, friends, and community. No one can visit grandma in the care facility, because the facility cares so much about grandma’s health that their new “policy” demands total isolation, even though grandma’s actually going to die from loneliness, not from a fake virus. People have even been bullied into keeping their children out of school — where at least they have social time with their friends — and to set them up in front of computers to do “virtual school.” This puts an extreme amount of stress on working families, who must now stay home to monitor their children online. Those businesses and schools that are “allowed” to remain open force people who go inside the buildings to wear face masks, face shields, and gloves; to use toxic hand sanitizer; to not share normal things, like pencils, books . . . or hugs.

The foundation for this psychological warfare began in the early twentieth century, after  Austrian business consultant Edward Bernays made known his ideas for shaping public opinion, or what we call propaganda. Advertising was forever changed, and businesses — along with governments — began marketing campaigns to persuade people to buy things they did not really need, like WWII. Indeed, Nazi Germany relied fundamentally on propaganda and a fully complicit backdoor ally, the United States, to achieve atrocities. Following on war heels was the psychologically manipulating invention of allopathic medicine, often called Western medicine or, derogatorily, Rockefeller medicine. This is because the Rockefeller family invested large sums of money from their successful company, Standard Oil, in backing research into “disease management” and the manufacture of pharmaceuticals . . . from petroleum. They used incomplete and unsound research from Louis Pasteur, for example, to push the false notion of viruses as communicable diseases. Backed with Bernays’ brilliant marketing schemes, it took less than a generation to persuade people in both “democratized” and “under-developed” countries to latch onto the idea that individual people could contract a particular virus (like influenza) and then transmit that virus to another person through their breath, bodily fluids, and skin contact. Nowadays, viral or germ theory is widely believed to be the reason for “seasonal colds and flu,” despite innumerable, replicable scientific studies showing the utter falsity of these assumptions. And did you ever think about the word “influenza”? It means “influence.” The propagandists want you to associate it with the virus affecting self and others, when it more likely means that the cons are influencing us to believe in their made-up theories!

Jump to late 2019 and the beginnings of a so-called “viral outbreak” in China, Italy, and Spain named COVID-19 (CV-19) for the SARS-Cov-2 virus which has never been isolated, purified, or seen under a microscope and yet is being vilified as the unseen cause of millions of deaths and hundreds of millions more illnesses. “Authority” figures have completely coopted the mainstream media and all major social media outlets — along with much of the “alt-media” — to present their constantly changing and “trust-the-science” based plans for saving humanity while caging us like animals (they believe we are actually less than animals). They spout numbers, although never citing actual data, and speak in terms of “following the science” and “ridding the world of Covid” at all costs. Most people have come under some kind of spell or hypnosis, asking “how high?” when the talking heads say “jump.” Worse still, in my opinion, are the people “going along to get along.” These folks show their true position as followers and not leaders, and yet their unwillingness to stand bravely against a bunch of pathetic sycophantic career clowns is dragging down the collective life force. The result is that those of us showing courage are easily targeted as “anti-vaxxers,” “conspiracy theorists,” and “psychologically deranged,” when the opposite is true. Those believers and meek followers have succumbed to the real illness: A mind virus.

To further this virus mania, the Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) process, invented by Kary Mullis, was implemented under false pretenses as a diagnostic tool for finding CV-19 in snot using extremely long swabs that painfully scrape the delicate cribriform membrane, the crucial barrier for safeguarding our brain against deadly bacterial infection. (Kary Mullis was an outspoken critic of using PCR as a diagnostic tool; he died in October 2019, just before the announcement of the first CV-19 “case” in China.) As of the writing of this article, people are still waiting in lines to be tested at their workplace and in the general public, and even using in-home test kits. Meanwhile, the CDC has withdrawn PCR as a useless tool they originally pushed to establish ridiculous “casedemics,” essentially admitting that, according to Patrick Wood, Director of Citizens for Free Speech, “an unapproved experimental testing diagnostic was used to trick people into taking unapproved experimental mRNA injections.” And Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Officer to the President, recently admitted that “mandates” — mask wearing, social distancing, social isolation, business closures, etc. — were implemented as a mechanism for people to clamor for vaccines in order to return to normal. How is this blatant lying and coercion allowed to be called “science”?

This is how the black magicians set up a deep level of betrayal.

There are so many lies in this global betrayal that watching the “authorities” is like being in a crazy-dream circus where definitions, statistics, recommendations, and “heroes” constantly morph. We’ve never seen so many clowns on parade in so little time and space, throwing candy (poison jabs and more lies) to their mesmerized audience with zero regard for the obvious adverse effects — which governments and their lackeys conveniently ignore with the help of their mainstream media presstitutes. Lies are piled on top of lies so high, the pile is going to reach the moon (unlike any astronauts filmed in space modules made from aluminum, glitter, and curtain rods).

This phenomenon of global betrayal is creating a mass formation psychosis never before experienced in the history of the world. People have pitted themselves against one another in the fight to be right, forgetting to question anything, let alone a few key factors — like the fact that there are no actual pictures of this virus, only computer renderings, and the fact that the supposed “cure” for this illness has changed from “wear a mask, social distance, and use hand sanitizer for two weeks to flatten the curve” to “take this inoculation;” to “get two jabs;” to “now you need a booster;” and then, “you’ll need at least one more jab if not several more.” And yet, few people are standing up to the madness and saying, “This is senseless and arbitrary, and I am invoking my inalienable rights.” How can this debacle end well if people continue to watch the clown parade?


Answer: None of this would stay afloat if we all started doing one thing: Healing from the betrayal in our own lives. We need to recognize that betrayal is the rape of the human soul/spirit/mind. It’s a con job, a crime committed by the purveyors of death-cult systems. Betrayal is by design. It’s the way they steal our precious attention, through the pain of being sold out by the people we love, trust, and emulate; by the institutions we respect and rely on; and by the very fabric of our entire social structure. Without betrayal by our loved ones, the clown-cons would be forced to commit — beyond what they already perpetrate — abject physical torture en masse, which is very expensive, messy, and easily noticed by others. Betrayal, on the other hand, is cheap and clean, and very few people know it is happening because it comes with credible curmudgeons, sexy saviors, and hipster heroes who magically relieve us of our personal responsibility of maintaining freedom and divinity.

We must stop the cycle of betrayal at its root: Satanism. Or maybe you call it black magic. Or Luciferianism. Perhaps dark occultism. Archons. Satan. Wetiko. The Illuminati. The global elite. These are just a few names for the same forces of the anti-life death-cult. All betrayal starts and ends with this force, this “spirit of evil.” Importantly, we need not fear this force! WE are the life-force. WE are creator beings. And WE belong here. Earth is not a home for the death-cult clowns. They are not creator beings, since 1) they aren’t even “beings,” they are non-beings cut off from Divine Source and supposed to be on their way to entropy, a frozen state of nothingness; and 2) because of that, they cannot create, only siphon off our precious energy and mimic Creation. If we look to their “playbook,” as I call their tactical template, it includes one thing: Projecting a false, fear-based reality as an overlay or hologram onto true, objective reality which is Nature. That’s IT, that’s all they’ve got. They’re a cabal of pathetic Wizards of Oz, hiding behind a curtain while pulling the levers of a laughable light-manipulating machine to captivate our attention. Toto, we’re not only not in Kansas anymore, we’re witnessing a full-blown clown parade of Oz-like wanna-be wizards.

Plato’s Cave: How to Make a New Movie
Here’s my updated take (in parentheses) on the allegory of Plato’s Cave.

Frightened people (most of humanity right now) are existing quite poorly inside a dark cave (their home; a hospital bed; their crappy job). The cave wall is lit by flickering torches (highly manipulable light fields) and the cave dwellers can’t seem to stop watching (they are hypnotized by black-screen digital devices). Unseen entities (black magicians up to no good whatsoever) who are positioned strategically behind the cave dwellers manipulate the light to make hellacious moving shadows on the wall while they shout scary things (just like on tv, social media, a stage, or a movie theatre screen). It’s their movie, after all. Viewers are mesmerized and frightened by the dark images and horrific sounds, and they remain inside the cave, immobilized by their fear.

One living man or living woman listens to their heart (turns away from the shadows) and decides to leave the cave (to “change the movie” and explore another, more fun and loving reality), while the others ridicule him/her and try to persuade them to stay inside where they feel safe (mentally chained inside a hell-hole). Despite the fear-based persuasive campaign of the cave dwellers, he/she leaves and discovers a big, beautiful natural world full of truly amazing possibilities, where they learn and grow, and become a creative individual, moving through fear into truth, love, and freedom.

Thrilled with their discovery, the living man or living woman goes back to tell the cave dwellers of this new fulfilling life, but they remain in the cave, having no interest whatsoever in exploring outside it. They have been traumatized by the betrayal of the light-exploiting shadow-makers. It may take a personal tragedy, a local disaster, or a global cataclysm to wake the cave dwellers from their self-inflicted imprisonment — even though all it really takes is recognizing the betrayal, stopping being a clown-parade-goer, listening to one’s heart, and taking one life-affirming step after another.


The current state of our black magic captivated world requires a lot of listening to our thoughts and evaluating our past and present actions so we can avoid remaining woe-is-me victims. If we cannot bear witness to the betrayal, we cannot heal it. It’s an illness that is first mental, since everything starts in the mind. The truth is, we are victims to these perverted psychopaths and their projections, but this is no time for wallowing in self-pity and spiritual bypassing. And unless you’re in a serious legal situation which requires temporarily entering the black magic bubble, it’s definitely not prudent to try and “take down the clowns” (that’s why I wrote “funny” in the chapter title).

I myself have called and written to corporations that attempted to disaffirm my inalienable rights, but it took a huge amount of effort, including hundreds of hours of research and writing, as well as one-on-one confrontation regarding State and Federal laws. I would not advise such a move for folks who are angry — as well they should be — but have little or no understanding of both Natural Law and man-made laws. One needs both wise warrior skills and the pure heart of a child to step into a clown parade and dismantle it from within. I did a relatively small butt-kicking to be able to shop bare-faced and beautiful in a corporate grocery store in our little town. But in general, we can leave that and greater levels of this cave-cleaning, clown-ass-kicking work to the masters.

For the rest of us, it’s time to step off the sidewalk and start creating a new script for our present and future! And for those of us who are psychologically individuated and mature, we must continue to be vigilant with our movie-making. We must allow the very recognition of black magic betrayal to be the healing catalyst and then stand up, step forward, and slay the scary clowns attempting to further betray us. We “slay them” by moving in the direction that intuition leads the heart and informs the mind on what to do. We are the writers, directors, editors, and producers of our life’s film! A heart-based production is sure to kick the clowns’ butts, and I affirm this from my own personal experiences throughout my life. This creative process will look different for each of us in varying situations, and so I cannot offer specific answers as to “what to do” or “how to do it.” I can offer this, though:

You know what must be done. You know that your unique diamond perceptions and perspectives — as a spark and sparkle of the Divine — are a beacon for yourself internally and for others externally. “What must be done” will require stepping outside the cave, outside of your personal comfort zone. Just start by not watching the clown parade. Maybe that looks like not scrolling on Facebook/Meta for another wasted moment, choosing instead to knit a llama wool garment; to play with your kids, and to dance in the kitchen; to call a friend, to write them a card and send it; or just step outside and marvel at the trees as they murmur sweet sounds and sway in the breeze. See? I just wrote a poem! This is totally doable clown-ass-kicking.

On a more sobering note, I must say: Often, the thing that you fear to do is the thing that you must do. It will require standing up for freedom, because your freedom is everything. When you free yourself from all “authorities” and align yourself with truth, you become a spiritual warrior role model for others. Of course, the fearful cave dwellers don’t remember that right now, and the black magicians and their career clowns don’t want you to be free. So be prepared for backlash; they will do everything in their anti-life death-cult condition to drag you back into the cave and chain you there, but you must resist with every breath, with every thought, with every step. There will be challenges, since we’ve been programmed since birth with their movies filled with their inverted, perverted, painful ideas of reality.

But fear not, my reader friends, for the “reality” you have been bullied into seeing is but a bunch of light-manipulated shadows on the wall. It’s a billion-gallon barrel full of crappy movies created by con-artist would-be jailers to make you pants-pissing afraid so that you run to their systems of false safety and security. Ope, nope! We are de-programming from all their inverted, perverted, betrayal-based mind control . . . and re-programming ourselves for LOVE.

The only true safety is in trusting your HeartMind intuition while growing into your inalienable rights by practicing your gift of life-affirming creativity.

Now, it is time to see through and beyond the illusory projections created by black magicians’ betrayal, to pull back the curtain on the death-cult, to stop giving attention to their sycophantic career-clowns-on-parade, and to truly thrive as a powerful, beautiful, creative, living man or living woman. It’s time to walk away from the old scripts and write the movie of YOUR LIFE!

UPDATE: I was asked by a reader to directly answer my question:
“Why do people find joy in re-creating their own betrayal on an innocent child?”
Here is my reply:

Parents think it’s cute because we’ve been mind-controlled through trauma to think/act like the psychopathic CONs who delight in both punishing us and mocking us. So when parents laugh at the crying babies, they are mocking the children in the same way that they themselves were mocked: All betrayal is a mockery. When this trauma goes unhealed, and is repressed completely, the parents/adults/elders have fallen into the notion that baby’s trauma is “normal” and “no big deal.” This is the notion behind all trauma-based mind-control: The trauma is severe enough to cause dissociation from the pain (physical, psychological), and then the mental split occurs. That’s why the parents pretend to feel sad when the baby cries (“aww, poor baby doesn’t understand Santa yet”) at the same time as they delight in repeating the perverse mockery heaped on themselves as children, and they make all that part of perpetuating the lie of Santa. It is an unnatural, artificial PROGRAM designed to undermine our very spiritual essence.

This same programming is on display when “elders” — if we haven’t healed — normalize the pain of our children and say, “Buck up, life is hard.” This could happen when a child is bullied at school, or quits an unsuitable job, or deals with substance abuse after a “failed” relationship. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t prepare our children / ourselves for dealing with tough times and situations, but all that communication can only be best done when the parents/adults/elders have healed their own traumas. Which most people on the planet have DEFINITELY NOT DONE. Because it is painful. Doing so would require that 1) they realize that artificial programming is the root cause; 2) they admit succumbing to the betrayal programming and inflicting it on others; and 3) they change their very thinking and their ways. All three components must be met. This individuation and maturation process often results in divisiveness either temporary or permanent between parents/grandparents/children, other family members, the community, and so on. It’s fucking huge. Society is fucked up.

We have all been victims of trauma-based mind-control, been repeatedly hurt and repeatedly hurtful toward others. But the harm only becomes truly our fault if we fail to do the work of fixing our broken psychology, of healing the betrayal trauma once and for all.


Put on your protective headgear and remove all sharp objects from your vicinity! In my next article, I will be analyzing the mother of all betrayals: The Globe Earth Model. If you can at least begin to question this model, you are beginning to unplug from the Matrix.

As always, I am sending you much love.


  1. Dear Sharine

    Hello from the UK, and wow! Thank you so much, what an excellent post. I note you have 19 followers. I think of Covid 19, which refers both to Satan’s plan and God’s plan. Yours is part of God’s plan of course.

    I woke up in 2020 after 60 years on this planet and searching out all the Truth. In 2020 it started flooding in at last, having been trickling in over the decades.

    And thus I started my website, and on which I will, along with all those who have woken up, many before me, to bring light into the ‘cave’.

    The cave analogy is very interesting as it reminds me of Logan’s run, the same story in effect.

    As to clown-ass-kicking action, well I try my best. I call myself the irresistible farce!! I can twist and turn words anyway I please as I was given the key to using them correctly. I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant, it just happens to be true that’s all.

    As regards Ebola, many thanks for that link. I have seen some info elsewhere on it, but I realised in 2020 that viruses, all viruses, were not as put forward by mainstream science.

    This applies to animals as well, so foot and mouth was/is a con. I saw that all viral so-called infections were merely variations of the ‘flu, re-branded to make big pharma etc money leading to control.

    I don’t know if you at all interested, but you might like thee links of mine which i am using to break the spell and bring down Satan’s house of cards.

    I have done much on Covid 19 etc., here is my link to my summary. That gives access to the various other issues. I cover the statistics in the UK and USA and recently those in Australia.


    The following explains the variants.


    The following explains the media fear campaign.


    You no doubt know this, but fear tends to ‘freeze’ the body’s immune system from functioning correctly and can stop people doing sensible things. Like avoiding having foreign bodies injected into their systems.

    As I have indicated, I do use humour as necessary on posts and pages to lighten the mood and help make the points.

    As this year is equivalent to 1942, 80 years ago, it will see the tide turn in the current war of words. As 42 is the ultimate answer to the ultimate question in the universe as per Douglas Adam’s wonderful book ‘The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, this is significant. I write about 42 too.

    May I take the opportunity to wish you a very happy new year.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

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    1. Thanks for the lengthy response, Baldy!

      Love it all. Your humor is delightful and much needed. People in general take themselves to bloody seriously, and their health — physically, mentally, and spiritually — far too lightly. I’ve read a few of your WP pages and so far have not only enjoyed some giggles but keep nodding my head “yep, yep” on so many of your points! The word “virus” literally means “poison,” but the med-tech-cartel has done a lot of work over 100 years to mind-control the masses into believing we are dirty, disgusting creatures who spread illnesses. This CV-19 thing is the ultimate wake-up call for people from their long-held psychosis to real-eyes that WE ARE THE POWER that the dark occultists seek! If we pull out of their inverted, perverted Matrix, we will reclaim our sovereignty not just as individuals (some of us are doing that work as I write!) but as a collective.

      Thank you also for the kind wishes! I wish you a very happy new year, too!



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      1. You are very kind. It is wonderful to hear that you giggled, it is just what I love to hear from those I call the children of God.

        I have set out my understanding of the time frame, which might seem bizarre to some, but we are following WW2, only 80 years ago.

        I have no wish to bombard you with stuff, but this might interest you. I take great heart from it myself.


        And thank you, I must go off to bed now.

        Yours Baldy the Bold!!
        A.k.a. the wise old fool (if that is not too presumptuous)


  2. Wonderful! You are an excellent essayist! I hope you don’t mind me lifting some of the memes you’ve got here for further circulating. :). I’m really looking forward to your next offering on the Globe Earth model.

    On another note, please allow me to share one concern of mine. It’s about the word ‘love’. I’ve pondered over this one quite a bit and it’s a word I feel is so abused, so keyed into the betrayal theme, that it has become a liability rather than a proper descriptor of sincere sentiment. When I read it, though I do understand it is meant here as something closer to ‘authentic care’, I have a hard time separating it from the New Age movement and to manipulative ‘toxic feminine’ principles along the lines of “All’s fair in love and war.”

    Have you found your ease with the word grows over your spiritual journey, or do you ever consider maybe there’s a better word? How do we take back the proper meaning of some of these words which have been so abused, I wonder?

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    1. Thank you for your reply, KenshoHomestead!

      Yes, feel free to share the memes; I’ve been doing the same!

      I appreciate your concern over the word “love.” I feel the same about SO MANY WORDS and phrases that have obviously been coopted by the dark occultists and used to brainwash and browbeat us. Like the term “Love is love,” which is supposed to be about “unconditional love” but is really setting the mental stage for broad acceptance of p*dophlia. Also, I think “love” is CONDITIONAL! My article “Defying the Tyrannical Father Figure” goes into abusive relationships that are NOT about “love.” Perhaps you will find that section an interesting analysis regarding the word “love.”

      So yeah, as I dive into language, etymology, and usage, it is getting more complex. But as a writer, I do find joy in parsing the truth from the overlaid lies. This means, for me, practicing “word alchemy” in all my favorite songs, since many of the lyrics were written by artists under MK-ULTRA mind control.

      By carefully using “word alchemy,” we can reclaim the proper meanings of words, and dispense with all the edited and entirely re-written history which the dark occultists stole from us!

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  3. Hey, it’s Frank. Good post, I wrote some other kinda elaborate versions of the “cave” allegory somewhere, but I can’t for the life of me remember where they are, except one of them was on Caitlin Johnstone’s site (though I dunno which article).

    Anyway, Dark City was cooler than The Matrix.


    1. Slandermen, I love your alternate moniker, it’s perfect for you. I’m gonna look up CJ’s site and find your Plato’s Cave post(s). I imagine your “version” will be highly entertaining while you super-slay all death-culty stuff.

      I never watched Dark City, as it was released in 1998 when I was living in a very bare garage (but with chandeliers, not kidding!) located in the older part of Santa Monica, CA. I was pretty much making music day and/or night after attending to light-duty part-time job duties for a decent small company. I didn’t own a tv or a car; my crappy PC finally crapped out; and my cell phone service got cut off because of the service-provider’s error which didn’t get resolved until over a year later, so all I had was a land-line phone . . . and my intuition!

      I was pretty fringe, with only one true friend and a waiting line of retarded sycophants wanting my attention. Although I don’t know why aside from them lusting after my hot bod created from walking and jogging every day and living on rice cakes, instant-coffee almond-milk mochas, farmers market lettuce & tomatoes, and a weekly bowl of vegetable soup. Oh, plus the nightly bottles of cold Negra Modelo. Well, I guess the sycophants might have been interested in me as a somewhat skilled but not even close to good guitarist but who did have really great gear. I mean, chick guitarists were considered rare and pretty hot back then, plus I had a Vox wah-wah pedal AND a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Tube Amp (my tubes were perfectly matched, man). Anyway, maybe they liked me for my flute playing (much more rare, indeed).

      Anyway, I just found Dark City online and will watch it this weekend. Been missing having a good film/documentary to mentally munch on: Stop, rewind, re-watch, pause, analyze, evaluate, discuss, press play. Popcorn and red wine = bonus treats. I’ll let you know if I find your “cave” post on CJ!


      1. Why don’t you even believe in yourself? A possible answer found in etymology:

        believer (n.) “One who gives credence (to anything) without personal knowledge, one firmly persuaded of the truth of something.”

        My interpretation: Millennia of manipulation of divine essence by black magicians and exotic technology worshipping non-beings + neurological damage = who am I / who or what have I become? Not believing in yourself or anyone else is a protection mechanism. Not necessarily all bad, but not all good, either.

        Also, I don’t take your brutality personally. I came back for more, right? I mean, I’ve been fucked over by people quite close. Literally speaking, sexual abuse by my brother’s best friend at 15, in our family home. Tormented endlessly by school mates, bosses, people I thought were my friends, and of course by the S&L betrayal machinery.

        I like the song. And the free-movement dancing. That’s how I dance, but without this video edit’s jaggy mess. I flow.


      2. Oh and Sharine, here’s a game I played when I was like 13 years old.

        It’s freakishly accurate in a strange way, plus, the intro song is great:


      3. “This comment thing is annoyingly shit.” Totally. I am weighing my options. Maybe I’ll go to Substack. Medium [dot] com dumped me in mid-2020 for my “CovAin’t” comments and articles. Hell, I’m a nobody and I earned like $2.64 in the month before they shut me down, as my income was doubling each and every month prior (“Better cut her out now before too many people wake up and question the lies”).

        Frank, you shared this video several times in your blog. Just my silly opinion, but video games are designed by the very “people” (Hellyweird et al) who PLAY GAMES with us. Mind-control us. Mock us.

        Did this and other video games help you to open your mind? And if so, to WHAT?


      4. Now why do you think there would be something like this in the UK?


        That weapon there is a Maquahuitl (like those songs I posted on my blog). That fakery even looks South American. And well, when I get an erection…

        This song seemingly about colonialist assholes and pathetic govt.

        Btw, did you get around to watching Dark City?

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      5. Yeah, as soon as I saw the photo, my mind was like, huh, what? “And well, when I get an erection…” Good one.

        I will watch the video tonight after dinner.

        I have Dark City in my playlist, but I’ve had a full week just have not made it a priority. Next weekend looks better for movie time.


      6. Sorry to hear about your brother’s friend. I had seen and experienced sexual attempts when I was even like 4 years old, males and females. You can’t expect a 4-5 year old boy to be fucking a 12 year old girl.

        I’m sorta glad I never touched any of my sister’s friends, though there were a few that were certainly quite “friendly” towards me and I will not say I wasn’t interested

        Btw, wordpress kinda “banned” me, in a sense (can’t make a blog), though I’ve never even used it and rarely even commented.

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      7. “You can’t expect a 4-5 year old boy to be fucking a 12 year old girl.”

        That’s wild, and must have been horrifying and bizarre to your 4-5-year-old self. This world is crazy with pedophilia. And yeah, I can grok the notion of being attracted but keeping your distance. I think that some kids are very wise.

        The only reason I started a blog on WordPress was that I heard from other bloggers that the platform was a place of free expression. Obviously, if they banned you, those bloggers were wrong (or they never say anything against the “system”).


      1. That sucks, and yes, I very much innerstand the distrust. I am going to look into Substack this week. Right now, my husband and I are going to a nearby lake to bathe in Nature and have a picnic lunch. I will catch up later.


  4. Sharine, not every game is made by souled out peons. I was actually kinda involved with game development (but as a hobbyist/amateur), and I certainly did learn from some games,
    a huge range of things.

    Suggesting games are like hollywood is a bit much (some of it, certainly a lot of the popular games, sure), but, that’s kinda like saying every musician is souled out.

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    1. Granted. But it sure does seem that, in the last couple of decades, any bit of “entertainment” that comes out of Hollywood has the signature of Satan and Lucifer. If you yourself worked on video game development, that’s a different story. Same here: I never played the “casting couch game,” despite it being prevalent and offered to me personally, and I don’t intentionally create music to “get signed.” What games did you help develop?


  5. I’m not shit. You don’t know me.

    And here I was going to thank you for helping me with my fermenting project (I even posted it on my creativity blog). The food came out really well and I credit you with giving me tips and a bit of encouragement to get started. I don’t know why you are so all over the fuckin’ place, Frank. It’s crazy-making.


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