This makes sense to WHO? Humanity is being openly mocked by those who wish to enslave us.

Dear Reader: I’ll be honest with my intention, in this article and all of my posts:

I don’t care to coerce you into any specific behavior or social attitude or action. You and I alike are endowed with the same inalienable rights, and one of those is free will. So my goal as a writer — as a living, breathing, spiritual woman — is not to force you against your will into subscribing to my beliefs. However, one way I endeavor to inspire readers is through my personal experience and “inner-standings” . . . and by asking many, many, many, many questions. Also maybe getting a little bit metaphorical. That all said, here’s my latest “inspiration.”

So . . .

I was in the car, with my husband next to me in the driver’s seat. We were in the parking lot of the local Trader Joe’s store, waiting for an employee to shop for the specific items we had kindly offered on an easy-to-read computer-printed list. Yeah, they do that now: It’s TJ’s “reasonable accommodation” for people like us who don’t wear a face mask. My husband and I no longer have the right to shop, which means to go into a store and look around for what we want. Our right to purchase goods by ourselves as full spectrum humans has been openly, unlawfully disaffirmed.

We are forced to wait in the car, treated like dogs (dogs!) who are not allowed — nor able — to shop.

Meanwhile, compliant people populate the store and, either out of fear or sheer compliance, they wear dirty, bacteria-filled face masks pulled out of a pants pocket or purse. They’re touching their masks, then touching the food, some of which they put back on the shelf. My husband and I are clean and healthy. We’re not afraid, we’re not wearing an identity-concealing face covering, and yet WE are the ones not allowed into the store. Does this seem “reasonable” or “logical” to you? Honestly, I think people should be able to choose to wear a face mask. My issue is businesses and other people being encouraged to FORCE ME to the sidelines because I don’t. Do you see the problem here? My rights are being ripped away from me because I don’t follow a non-law. I don’t force you to NOT wear a mask. Get it?

Quick reminder: Written, man-made laws are supposed to uphold and protect, at all costs, our inalienable rights — yes, even during times of so-called emergency! Do you care about my rights? Because MY rights are the same as YOUR rights. I don’t want anyone’s rights being violated.

If you can’t breathe properly, how does that affect your entire BEING?

Some more questions:

Did science™ suddenly advance so massively since influenza outbreaks just a few months prior to COVID, and that’s why the “officials” seemed to not “care” enough about us in the past to try to force face mask wearing? They just “didn’t have the science” in mid-2019? Do you honestly believe that? Where is the logic in this notion? And why are you not questioning “authorities”?

And consider this scenario:

What if the governor of your state issued a “mandate” (which is not a law) that everyone wear a special hat to deflect harmful rays from Saturn — rays depicted only as cartoons and in computer-generated models? After whipping up an unlawful frenzy within state, county, and local health agencies which widely publicize the information, the governor blatantly ignores the fact that anyone not wearing such a hat is being denied rightful access to normal goods and services that wearers have full access to, quite effectively creating a “hat privilege” division similar to pre-Civil Rights era “white privilege.”

Do you think this is reasonable and fair? Do elected officials and their agencies have a right to uphold the law? What if the widely promoted “science™” said that if you didn’t wear the special hat, Saturn’s rays would not only harm you, you would most certainly absorb and then transmit the rays to everyone around you? Would you research any of this? What would you do if you didn’t agree with the “science” and with government and businesses acting as though they could rightfully force you to wear the hat? Would you go along to get along, or would you refuse? What if the hat prevented you from turning your head in normal ways, so that you couldn’t see properly without constantly turning your body, or needing to remove the hat, which 95% of businesses would not allow? Is this normal and okay for you? Is limited vision and mobility worth the “inconvenience” of buying and wearing the hat? Would you force your children to wear the hat?

But I digress. I was talking about TJ’s.

The updated sign outside Trader Joe’s [in February 2021] indicated that the reason they are enforcing face mask wearing is “due to limited capacity.” Capacity of what? Brain space? Please. Every building on the planet has “limited capacity”: It’s called four walls, a ceiling, and a floor. Sure, here in the US, the Fire Marshal and OSHA set limits on the number of people that can safely be in a building at any given time. Seems like a reasonable law to me, if we have to have laws for people with no reasoning capabilities. But please tell me WTF does “limited capacity” have to do with making people (unlawfully) wear face masks? Come on, TJ’s, your legal team is out on a long, weak limb here.

These are people that you or your parents may have voted for to represent you in government. And, by the way, the word “government” means “mind control.”

And yet it’s not just TJ’s trying ridiculously to create sense from non-sense:

The entire plandemic has been one long ugly-clown parade of arbitrary, conflicting, senseless, anti-real-science “recommendations,” WHICH ARE NOT LAWS. If you are fearful and treating this heartless, cruel “advice” as LAW, you are not only sadly mistaken, you are complying with tyranny, and therefore you are complicit in all the damage. Yes, I said that.

Furthermore, wearing a face mask is a sign to your oppressors that you want to be enslaved, and to your fellow humans that you expect them to give up THEIR rights and freedom in deference to your pathetic plea to make THEM responsible for YOUR health.

“Oh, but Sharine,” you might be saying, “I follow the science™ which says that face masks prevent viral transmission.” Well, a little bit of research would show you that the science of which you speak just isn’t there. It’s not there. No studies — read: ZERO STUDIES — exist that prove face masks prevent viral transmission. To back that up, look at the box of medical masks being worn and discarded into our environment by the billions: It contains a WARNING that the masks do not prevent transmission of viral or other pathogens, including Coronavirus, (COVID). If the medical masks don’t prevent transmission, how does your high-fashion, fancy-fabric, “I-feel-better-about-not-breathing-or-speaking-normally-now” face muzzle prevent transmission? And even if the medical masks did prevent transmission (which they don’t), how is it logical that you have to wear one in the reception room at the dentist’s office, but you can — and must — take it off to have dental work done? Where is the logic in wearing a face mask into a restaurant but removing it to eat is fine?

Please enlighten me: I promise you that I want to learn. This is not a facetious statement; I really want to grow and mature into my full logical, loving self.

I don’t know how I can make my appeal any more clear:

You are like a fully gas-lighted girlfriend with an abusive boyfriend who over the last year-plus confined you to the house, took away your access to making money, and forced you to wear a muzzle to keep you from screaming for help — all under the guise that he is “protecting” you from a “killer on the loose” who no one has ever seen, so he shows you cartoon pictures of this supposed killer, telling you all day and night that the killer is REAL REAL REAL and that you’re going to DIE DIE DIE if you leave your boyfriend’s protective custody.

Your boyfriend doesn’t care about you. He thinks you’re stupid and deserving of being his slave — and you are proving him correct.

To complete the analogy, in the current situation, you are being used and abused by illegitimate bands of psychopathic criminals for even more nefarious ends. They justify these “ends” with their belief that we humans are dirty, dumb, and compliant, and therefore they have the “right” to rule over us, to “protect” us from unseen, unseeable killers — that is, to enslave us for their purposes. And I’m like your best friend trying desperately to get you to acknowledge that your boyfriend DOESN’T LOVE YOU because that’s not what love is and you know that when you’re not swimming in the shit-ocean he has slowly manipulated you into thinking is somehow “not that bad.”

You should definitely not bother to look at this graphic and read through it in its entirety to grasp what I am talking about in my article.

At this point, exactly 404 days into the “pandemic that does not exist,” I’m pretty damn exhausted. Especially since the platform I’ve been writing on ( already undid a bunch of my good work with you by deleting two of my best, most well-researched truth-and-freedom articles, and in early April shut down my account to the public. And frankly, if I don’t start getting some indication from you that you remember what real love — and actually living life — feels like and looks like, I’m not sure I want to keep trying to help you remember. (Did I mention how EXHAUSTING it is to say the same things, over and over and over and over, only for you to run out of fear back into the arms of your creepy boyfriend/oppressor?)

Or maybe I won’t give up, because I love you.

And maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance that the truth I’m sharing will be so bright one day, that you’ll SEE IT and dump that sorry-ass, lying, cheating, manipulating, gas-lighting, narcissistic psycho, once and for all. Because, what’s worse between the only two options? You leave him (take off the mask and stop complying with unlawful mandates) and you’re alone (like my husband and I sitting in the car at TJ’s while everyone wearing a mask gets to go inside and shop), but now you’re as free as you can be; OR you stay with him because it’s convenient and you get to feel superior that you can handle whatever he crap throws at you, as if you’re some kind of a victim-martyr for the greater good, which is exactly what the oppressors WANT you to feel like. I think there is a logical choice, but it’s your decision, of course, because you have free will.

Now please either leave me alone to make my own decisions and help other people reclaim logic and real freedom-based love, or stand with me and help me stop TJ’s and all these other faulty-logic tyrants from violating our Creator-given inalienable rights.

Let’s stop being controlled by ill-logic! Let’s be the authors of our own lives and build a beautiful world together!

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