The television, used for viewing “entertainment,” is actually a device intentionally created by tyrannical father figures to manipulate human consciousness (that’s your mind, attention, worldview, beliefs) and to enrich the designers and producers of all mainstream content.
None of it is for your benefit. All of it is for your rapid demise into their death cult.
(It ain’t called “programming” for nothing.)

If you want to truly be free — or as free as a human can be in this transitory time on Earth — you need to face, embrace, and deal every day or sometimes moment-by-moment with the fact that our entire world is scaffolded with a fear of punishment that is arbitrary, capricious, severe, and enduring. Because this is the modus operandi of all social constructs — and has been since at least the recorded human history we are privy to — we cannot escape the chastisement, nor can we be unchanged by its trauma-inflicting essence (at least not yet, and I’ll talk about that later in the article!).

Punishment inflicted by fear-mongering father figures is embedded in every religion, government, corporation, formal learning institution, and necessarily, the family. Social media; film and tv; music and music videos; advertising and marketing — and therefore everyday communication — are all built on the framework of fear and punishment. A person may venture to a mountaintop or other remote location to live a so-called “pristine life,” but because that person was (we shall assume) born into an earthly family, they will not have escaped the punitive coding: It’s a write-over of their DNA. At some point, the loner, too, will have to face the [fake] dragon and conquer it or be a slave to it . . . even in their well-meant solitude.

But before any readers chastise me, I want to say that both men and women play the role of tyrant. (Remember, mothers do a large percentage of hands-on parenting, and women do most of the K-12 “education” through government indoctrination centers, so females don’t get an automatic pass.) My actual claim is that this father-figure bully is like an overlaid blanket of doom, or a distorted reflection appearing as a fire-breathing fucker, perhaps, and it is crushing our free, creative human condition. It manipulates our divine DNA blueprint, intentionally hacking our thoughts and therefore manipulating our individual behavior and collective. Thus, any and every man, woman, and child is infected with this overlay — or mind virus, for a better term — and will display the exact same characteristics of a tyrannical father figure.

What are those traits? Here are just a few:

Focus on punishment and retribution. Narcissism. Unwillingness to be wrong and/or inability to feel remorse for inflicting harm on others, even mistakenly. Gas-lighting. Name calling. Distraction. Denial. Unpredictable, passive-aggressive behaviors. Fanning the flames of pain and suffering, and taking perverse delight in doing so. Distorting the truth, often using a kernel of truth to deceive, obfuscate, and misinform. Exerting violence — verbal, physical, or psychological. Inconsistent rules. Projection. Financial/economic coercion. Tracking and tracing. Control, both subtle and overt.

It looks a lot like this roulette wheel from hell:

The crazy mo-fo father figure is everywhere. If you’ve been harmed in any way by punitive forces of control (and since you’re alive on trauma planet, you definitely have been harmed), and you feel trapped, frightened, and alone, then you’ve got work to do.

What do I propose that work to entail? The answer is in the title of this piece: Defying the Fear-Mongering Father Figure.

Recall that this is not only about fathers, nor so-called patriarchal systems — although both may indeed be part of what surely needs to be dressed down in the micro and macro levels of life. This is about your state of being. It’s about you recognizing the energetic signature of control through fear and punishment, and subsequently, systematically refusing to acquiesce. Sounds simple in blog post; but it’s more complex in real life because it requires a vigilant mind. A person who spends much time on mainstream social media, watching tv/film/music videos, and seeking other entertaining distractions is going to find the process of observation and individuation to which I refer extremely difficult. Here is an idea of the investment:

First, one must have an open mind, and be willing to come up against cognitive dissonance in your perceptions, as this is a tool of the fake-fire-breathing fuckers to send you running back into your comfortable cave and never come close to dispelling their illusions and INVERSIONS OF TRUTH. My recommendations is to start seeing cognitive dissonance in operation now, as you read this article. If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably ready to at least see the SNOGARD (that’s “dragons” spelled backward, a word inversion, see what I did there?)!

Second, one must have the attitude of gratitude, in the sense that you are worthy of being FREE AND SOVEREIGN. Mother Earth is your guide in this. As you look around the Natural World, endeavor to find your own personal connection with trees, flowers, birds, bugs. Try not to demonize them! We’ve been taught to fight and dominate the natural world, even while Nature — Mother Earth — is beckoning us and beaming love, light, and important information to us ALL THE TIME. You are worthy of good health, wealth and prosperity, of truly loving relationships, and all the things of your deepest, most treasured joyous dreams. Being grateful for every moment in your life is key to accepting the goodness that is your nature.

Third, one must be willing to venture into the world on every level — spiritual, mental, physical. You have to TEST YOURSELF as a free being. Sitting on the sofa while scrolling through Faceborg or Instaghoul on your phone is decidedly not living, it is simply existing in a frozen state of fear. In which case, the fuckers win. We are born to be mobile in the most beautiful ways! GET UP and explore the real, natural world — or any aspect of it that you choose — to create true joy.

Fourth, and finally, one must be willing to GROW. If you fulfill the first three response-abilities, then you have committed to evolving and adapting to and with Mother Earth — not from some insidious personal relationship manipulation or creepy corporate or government propaganda, but from a balance between your heart & mind and your authentic connection to life right here and now.

And while this work is intense, daunting, and often outright ridiculed by friends, family, and the community, it is the most important work you will do in your entire human existence. Furthermore, the rewards for doing this hard work are truly amazing! You will gain autonomy. You will become a warrior in the face of fear, a veritable samurai, slashing your way through hardship, and turning it all into your own pot of gold!

But if you’re not up for this adventure of a lifetime — as in, ante up, all in, cash out, make it a double — then don’t expect your life to improve. In fact, it’s most likely that you will create more and more misery: Declining health, physical pain, mental ineptitude, psychological trauma, and all-around weakness. How can you give over all your energy to the death cult while expecting something to “just happen” that will change the crappy results of your poor decisions into diamonds? To change lies into truth? To convert sickness into health?

That sounds like savior programming to me: Believing that someone or something will see your pathetic suffering ass and transform you into the picture of awesomeness with the wave of their magic wand or by speaking a secret spell . . .  just because they sense deep down that you deserve a better life.

Well, if it hasn’t happened yet, what makes you think it will happen, and in the nick of time, with no effort on your part? What kind of parents did you have who didn’t bother to teach you to get up and do stuff to make improvements in life? Like mow the lawn, or wash the dishes, or paint a pretty painting? Did no one clue you in to the fact that we have multiple senses, moving body parts, and brains for a reason? We’re supposed to think, and then make shit happen! Create things of beauty!

Well, it’s the same with the process of individuation and healing: You’ve got to start by deciding what kind of person you want to be and what kind of life you want to live. You’ve got to fix your messed up psychology so you can be your genuine self and go out into the world to do your cool mission and manifest great relationships, resources, and opportunities.

And to do all that, you’ve got to defy the tyrannical father figure who is everywhere — in the outer world and inside your head — telling you “you can’t,” “you’re lazy,” “you’re stupid,” “you’re never going to make anything of yourself,” “you’re not good enough.”

I’M TELLING YOU that this lying, cheating, demonic, twisted, shit-for-brains bastard is going to kick you when you’re down. (I said this is hard work.) But YOU are going to GET UP again every time, and become very strong in your head and in your heart. (Maybe you’ll even work on your body!) This fuckwad will try some fuckery when you’re UP, too . . . and oh what a headspin and heartbreak that will be.

But every time you tell this faking fucker to fuck off, you will get an immediate reward: YOU. Yes, you. You will re-integrate another piece of your self, your soul, your true spiritual power, with every valiant, heart-centered effort, and achieve a level of peace and freedom you never knew existed.

Are you worth it? Are you good enough? I think you are!

Now get to work slaying SNOGARDS, and have a ton of fun being your amazing self!

Love, Sharine.

3 thoughts on “Defying the Tyrannical Father Figure

  1. Terrific post Sharine. I still have much work to do battling the snogard. This will help me though in staying in alignment with my soul’s true destiny, not the one mapped out for me by the evildoers, who expect me to become zombiefied and kowtow to their wishes.


    1. I’m glad the post is valuable for you, Jonathan! Those of us seeking, I believe, are getting close to the Truth. I have some more links to share with you vial our email conversation, but bear with me as today is a long day of hiking and communion with Nature!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Sharine. The day of hiking and communion sounds awesome. Have a great time.

        Yes, the post was valuable to me.

        I am happy to wait for the links. The best things come to those who wait, after all.

        All the best.


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