I originally published this piece on Medium.com in August 2020. Within two weeks, the platform pulled my article because the organization’s “Trust & Safety” committee started investigating it under their new COVID-19 censorship “rules.” I decided to post it here in a lightly edited version. Thank your for your readership!

Much of the world is grinding to an ugly, unnecessary economic and spiritual halt because of a boogeyman “killer virus” so sneaky that it hasn’t been isolated, purified, or seen under a microscope. Where are the questions? Who is inquiring into the data and the data creators, or the media? Why are credible professionals and their evidence being suppressed, ridiculed, de-platformed, and defunded? We live in the most sanitized modern global society that ever existed; so why is this the first time that governments around the world are “mandating” face mask wearing, physical distancing, massive forced business/non-profit/school closures, and quarantining of healthy people because of a “viral” outbreak?

People are indeed succumbing to a virus: It’s a mind-virus keeping them plugged 24/7 into social media and “tell-a-vision,” feeding them “fear porn” based on incomplete data at best — and outright lies at worst. Most people have given up all personal agency, instead demanding that “government” agencies tell them what to do. Rather than use adult logic, like looking for evidence of a real global epidemic (e.g., millions of people dying in a week’s time), they look to tech nerds who ease their anxious, virus-ridden minds with promises of another “version” of “improved operating systems,” which typically involve pills and vaccines, both of which effects have been known to maim and kill even while their makers reap untold profits and remain legally immune (haha, that’s funny). Rather than question the situation — “what’s really going on here?” — based on past deception and manipulation by governments and their agents, people are caught up in a whirlwind of arbitrary and confusing statements, all of which on mainstream media are not predicated on evidence.

The mind-spell is so strong that there are people no longer hugging their own kids. Yet I’ve seen some kissing their kids through a piece of dirty, damp cloth they’ve been wearing and touching all day that is covered with bacteria and other pathogens, which not only can be seen under a microscope, can do far more damage than any supposed virus ever did or will do. People are rushing out in fear to get tested for the sneaky “killer virus,” even though the test cannot and does not test for infection, and should not be used to do so according to the inventor of the RT/PCR test. People are cutting off their own —and their children’s — oxygen supply while increasing CO2 intake behind face masks because governors have issued “mandates” and businesses are complying as if these are laws, which they are not. Governors do not make laws. Governors, however, do work for their constituents, us, and they are legally and morally obligated to protect our freedoms as enumerated in both their state constitution and the federal constitution.

Still, women, children, and grown men (yes, grown MEN) are entering businesses—and even participating in outdoor activities — wearing face masks because a sign on a door or a talking head on tv or a politician on FaceBook says to do so. Many people are begging for a vaccine, even though they don’t know a single person who died from this virus who wasn’t already 65+ and with one or more serious health deficiencies, like heart disease, cancer, or obesity. People are abjectly refusing to take responsibility for their own personal health, eating cheap poisonous food-like substances like never-molding french fries and sugar-filled Frappuccinos, while gladly accepting a toxic cocktail of genetically modified organisms, heavy metals, human fetal tissue, animal tissue, and, coming soon, microchips for tracking — injected directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the crucial digestion microbiome.

This current nightmare scenario is nothing but a result of social programming being lapped up by people more interested in a snuggly, safe, and secure world than living in true freedom. I call this social engineering the 7 Ds Agenda of destabilization, dehumanization, demoralization, debt, destruction, decrepitude, and death. But it would all go away if enough men 1) turn off the mainstream media and ignored unlawful signs on stores, 2) super-tune their brains’ reasoning processes in order to see the deception by government and its agents, and 3) stand up to all of the unlawful practices by — firstly — not wearing a face mask.

Seriously, men, stop it. Just STOP IT. You are an adult with, I want to assume, functional cognitive abilities and considerable physical strength. Remove the muzzle and use your powerful voice to say you disagree with the policy: Say that government has taken a step too far, that you and you alone will decide what is good and right for your health. If you feel the need for justification, get a medical or religious exemption card at www.thehealthyamerican.com. Or show store managers a card printed with the sections of the state or federal Constitution guaranteeing to uphold your free and equal access to all businesses regardless of policy. If you work for the government, I understand that you have a unique contract. But, please, realize that if they try to fire, fine, or otherwise punish, intimidate, or threaten you, you have recourse, and not just under man-made laws. You have sovereignty as a natural being. The “authorities” have absolutely no moral, mental, physical, or spiritual agency over you — and they know it. But YOU have to tell them. And you tell them by not wearing a face mask — not now, and not ever — as it the symbol of your enslavement to their agenda (see 7 Ds above).

The time is NOW, later than it has ever been, to refute every faction of immoral, illegitimate bands of criminals who have robbed and extorted you and all of us — for little if anything in return. (“Oh, but the roads, schools, unemployment benefits….”) They have kidnapped and caged men like you for simply growing a certain plant; kidnapped and caged women who fought against real criminals threatening to rape or kill them; kidnapped and caged people for not paying the criminal extortion fees they demand, which are used almost entirely for heinous, harmful activities that you surely do not condone because they harm society’s most vulnerable people.

Men of the world, we are all counting on you to stand in your divine strength as the Creator would have you. Stand alongside tens or thousands or millions of your fellow freedom defending men, and say, “No. Enough is enough. No longer will we cower under lies while you illegitimate bands of criminals control our lives and fuck with our minds, hearts, and bodies, our very sovereignty.”

Stand and protect humanity! I’m not saying that women cannot aid in the defense of our freedom, and for what it’s worth, I have not and will not wear a face mask, ever. But I myself am a fairly small woman, and so I defer to you, men, to do what I cannot: Physically stand up to these evil controlling forces and defend our Creator-given rights. All you have to do is to refuse to wear a face mask, anywhere. Tell the managers of these establishments that the mandates are NOT LAWS, and even if they WERE laws, they would be immoral by any standard. If an “authority” figure (or a particularly ruthless patron) tries to bully you, tell them to stand down to Natural Law and get the fuck out of your way. Maybe you want to go the philosophical route and ask them politely if they might like it if someone demands they quit smoking cigarettes, or they must drive a Prius, or they are required to survive solely on tea and sunshine, all “for their own good and the good of others.” Or just leave and refuse to do business with such pathetic “government” sponsored bullies and their minions — but at least you’ve given them a piece of your right mind.

Look, I get it: The world is a hard place, filled rude assholes who will shame you for refusing to wear a face mask — because they’re too weak to refuse doing so themselves. They are like crabs in a pot of increasingly hot water: One crab endeavors to escape but the others try to drag it back in to the pot. But you are strong and you’re not letting them drag you back down. Without you, men, humanity cannot escape total enslavement at the pettiness of such humans and the cruelty of the would-be “gods.” Masks are just the beginning of the controllers’ dehumanizing agenda. They want to OWN us (in fact, they already believe they DO own us), and to turn us into trans-human robot-like hive-mind creatures with no soul or spirit who would only “exist” to serve them and their sick, twisted reality. Don’t believe me? Use your infantilizing “shelter-at-home” reality-shit-show time to research outside of the mainstream media, and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. I’m dead serious.

Time is running out. Men, you are humanity’s last, greatest hope in the final epic battle for our sovereignty, for our souls, and for a future of true, enduring sovereignty. Act now, or forever regret the immoral decision to choose comfort over freedom.

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