Back in October 2016, after recently graduating as a returning adult student with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies (magna cum laude, but who am I to toot my own horn? THEY gave the the so-called “honors”), my rock band decided to write and record a concept album. What’s a “concept album?” you might be asking.

A concept album starts with an overarching theme, a story from which the lyrics, music, arrangements, and production all create a musical journey, much like a film depicts a story. Popular concept albums include The Wall by Pink Floyd, Tommy by The Who, and American Idiot by Green Day.

In my band’s case, we wanted to do something very progressive in to reflect a more organic, soulful alternative to the sound-alike rock and pop “acts” making it to the airwaves. So we enlisted moi to write a screenplay as the larger story behind the songs.

As a side note, our band is called We Play For Cash, or WP4$. When my amazingly talented husband with a unique sense of humor got the idea for this band name, I told him that he — once again — got me “creatively impregnated”! Once the screenplay / story was written, we began to write songs.

Our music is still in production. Aside from quite a bit of band drama (and yes, we have found that many musicians bail when the path becomes difficult or unclear), writing truly creative music takes a long time — especially if you aren’t backed by globalists and their bazillions of dollars and their immense power over the former “fourth estate” now recognized as the mouthpiece of that very establishment.

We Play For Cash (WP4$) band members at Allegretto Inn and Resort in Paso Robles, California, featuring Left to Right: (seated) Lef D. Troyt and Tryxxie Pyxis,
and (standing) WaveRunner, Okie Wolf, Bam-Bam, Dead Boy Jubs, and Phil Durt.

The good news for you is that I decided yesterday to share my screenplay with you. So, here we go. It’s a fairly solid first draft that needs a lot of character background development to make the story more interesting.

But the important thing is that the script pretty much predicts the Cov-Ain’t narrative. Obviously, there are many departures from the current “reality” of the “ever-evolving” “news-worthy” social CON-struct. I’d love to read your comments after you’ve read my screenplay so we can compare notes!

Here is Seventh Evolution, the screenplay, in PDF:

Also, my home/business number is on the cover page, but please don’t call me. I don’t answer my phone if I don’t know your name and number. And I screen all my email messages, so only message me if you are serious about discussing the deeper implications of this screenplay. I will definitely converse with you if you take the time to read it and form some questions and/or perspectives for consideration.

Thank you!

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